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Power Washing

Nothing is more inviting than a vacation home that is clean, inside & out. 

Homes on Hatteras Island, are subjected to a harsh environment from nor'easters to hurricanes. Those hot summer day and the almost constant sea breeze that wreaks havoc on your home's exterior, can leave the outside of your home needed a lot of TLC.

Power washing items...such as your decks, will make a huge difference in the appearance of your property. Not only will it make your home stand out from among the other rental cottages, but this service will help extend the life of items such as your cedar shakes, outdoor showers, and various other parts of your home that have to weather the elements.

There are also many species of bacteria and bugs that live off the green algae that forms on the woodwork and siding of your home. Not a very inviting vision, is it ? And we believe that your rental guest would have to agree. So give Hatteras Helping Hands, a call...we'll take care of the dirty work.  

Elder Care

Hatteras Helping Hands, has an experienced and caring staff to assist you when bringing your loved ones on your family vacation . 

As we all know, not everyone is able to keep up with all the activities, that often accompany a vacation. Hatteras Helping Hands, is able to offer non-medical care for your loved one, that is unable to go along on some of your outings. Our staff will come directly to your vacation home and provide companionship, meal prep,

personal care, and a reassurance that your family member is in safe hands.

What we like to call this is... PEACE OF MIND.